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Discovering the Bullet Journal

Toward the end of March, I discovered Bullet Journaling. I had never heard of the concept before until I stumbled across a recommended YouTube video. Don’t you find it scary too how well that little imp can, sometimes, guess what we are going to love?

I have been trying it out since and can say: I really do love it. It filled a void I’ve been latently aware of for a while but never took the time to deliberately tackle. When I saw the Bullet Journal, I instantly knew that this might be something.

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Time Management and Creativity

Before some time last year, I was convinced that time management and creativity don’t go together. That time management was surely a good thing—for other people—but that I had little use for it.

I’m a creative person, after all, and aren’t organization and structure anathema to true creativity? I personally like to think of creative activities as a space for freedom and inspiration without any constraints or pressures.

And where structure is given, at school, at university, and later at work, for example, I found that I really didn’t need to bother with time management techniques. If I was using any without noticing, I couldn’t tell. But I am naturally pretty well organized and never particularly had to think about how I did things.

Now that I started working full time and having my own household to take care of, however, it feels as if I had barely any time for myself and for my creative projects. Particularly it feels like I hardly get anything done. That’s terribly frustrating.

Where most people seem to talk about time management in the work context, therefore, I was getting the feeling that I could use some in my spare time. Continue reading

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