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My Creative Month – October/November/December 2016

I have a lot of catching up to do. Sadly, for various reasons, my blog came really short in 2016 and early 2017. It is part of my New Year’s Resolution to change that. So first of all I would like to catch up with all the things I had planned to post about after mid-October but didn’t get around to.


October was by far the busiest month—and the one where I did the most in the entire year. It is always a particularly busy month since there is both Halloween and the beginning of a new semester coming up at the end of it.

A lot of things came short last year. Luckily, Halloween (for a change) wasn’t one of them. There were a lot more things that I wanted to do for Halloween, but at the end, I’m pretty happy about what I did get done:

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Fourth of July BBQ Recipes and Ideas

For this year’s Independence Day BBQ, I tried out a lot of great new recipes. It seems to be a common misconception here in Germany that American cooking and baking consists merely of unhealthy and greasy fast food. I love proving people wrong in this respect, for which an America-themed Fourth of July celebration is quite handy. 🙂

Confetti Rice Salad

I found this awesome confetti rice salad recipe on the website USA Kulinarisch. Since that recipe is a main course and I wanted it as a side salad, I adapted it a little bit.


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My Creative Month – June/July 2016

June and July were again quite busy months, especially since most of my free time went into course preparations and a couple of other things I had to take care of.

Fourth of July BBQ

My more or less only creative activity for June was planning and preparing my Fourth of July BBQ.

I tried out a lot of new recipes and got some things for decoration. It was a lot of fun. I was quite good with the preparation this time as well. It all got done in due time.

However, it’s the end of July already and I still haven’t gotten around to post about it. Not exactly in line with my resolution to post seasonal posts more timely. Oh, well, I’m working on it…

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Easter Baking: Grass Frosting Cupcakes

These fun Easter cupcakes are so cute and so easy to make. They are ideal to celebrate the spring season Easter style. Ideal for a little Easter brunch with family and friends. All you need is cupcakes, frosting and colorful, sweet “eggs.”

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Valentine’s Day: Cake Hearts

Valentine’s Day is another one of these days (next to Halloween) that is not actually a public holiday but I think should be one. I think it’s very important and a lot of fun.

An old saying proclaims that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” So why not cook or bake up something lovely for our loved ones?

For a lovely twoesome over coffee and cake, these heart-shaped fudge cup cakes make a nice addition! Continue reading

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Puff Pastry Snacks with Apple Sauce Filling

These puff pastry snacks are a quick and easy but tasty treat for a cold day. I love sweet pancakes with apple sauce, sugar and cinnamon. And I’m still in the middle of trying out new recipe ideas with puff pastry. What I like about it is that you can just have it in the fridge and use it whenever you need something quickly.

These are a neat combination of puff pastry with my favorite pancake topping. The cinnamon makes it a fitting snack for the Christmas season, but of course they taste just as good at any other time around the year. Continue reading

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My Creative Month – August 2015

I was quite busy in August—both workwise and creativity-wise. I’m totally exhausted but also impressed about all the things I did get done despite my tight working schedule.

Pizza Rolls

I love good food and I love cooking and baking. But I have way less time for it than I’d like. So I’m always excited about finding interesting-looking recipes but hardly ever get around to trying them out.

A few months ago, therefore, I made the resolution that I’d try out at least one new recipe every month. So far that is working, although it hardly ever gets more than one. But hey, that’s already progress in comparison to zero! 😉

The new recipe in August were those delicious pizza rolls, which I’m very likely to make again since my folks and I loved them so much.

DIY Notebook and Folder Decoration

For back to school time, I worked on three ways to decorate notebooks and folders. Not just nice for school, but also for the (home)office. 😉

Photo Book Year 2015, Part 1

Since the year is more than half over, I decided I could already start with the photo book for this year…


Since in last year’s photo book I found that I’d included too few pictures (it takes too short a time to look through it), this time I wanted to include more pictures. So I already filled one book and will be splitting it up in two parts again.

I’m also trying out a new format: 20×20 cm. I’m curious to see how it turns out once it is printed. However, I can already say that I like A5 horizontal much better because pictures are usually roughly in that format and it is just easier to fit them in.

New Cover for DIY Blogger’s Notebook

Carrying it around in my bag 24/7 made the cover of the blogger’s notebook look not so nice anymore.

I thought it was time for something more durable. I’m going to show you more of it in its own post soon.

Story Cubes

I’ve told you guys about the story cubes before when I discovered them in January. Now I took the next step and got some myself. I haven’t had time to try them out yet because they just arrived. But I still love them. I’m very excited to try them out.

storycubes02 storycubes03

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Pizza Rolls Recipe

These pizza rolls are an easy, quick, and delicious snack for breakfast or any other time of the day. They can be eaten hot from the oven or cold as a snack to go.

All you need is pizza dough, grated cheese, and whatever else you like to eat on your pizza.

The original inspiration for these pizza rolls came from those awesome Vegan Pizza Snails, but mine turned out more like filled bread rolls you might find at the bakery.

The good thing about these rolls is that—just like with pizza—you can put anything you like on them. Here are two suggestions:

Original Pizza-Style Rolls

I used store-bought pizza dough because it is quicker, but of course you can also make your own. Just make sure to have a square-shaped dough. Cut a few stripes and top them with tomato paste.

Season with herbs and spices to taste. Then top with anything you like. Don’t forget the grated cheese. That’s the best part. Okay, I admit it, I just love cheese! 😉

Roll the stripes into little rolls, try to make sure that as little as possible of the topping comes out. If it does, push it back in a little. With the opening on the bottom, place on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.

Bake for about 20-25 minutes. They need as much time as the pizza dough would usually need, but remember that even if they look crisp outside, the many layers of dough in the middle need time to bake through as well.

Et voilà! It didn’t take long until they were all eaten up.

Sweet Pizza Rolls

We like to make sweet pizza, so I thought why not sweet pizza rolls.

Top your pizza stripes with crème fraîche or double creme (whatever you have). Get some dried fruit of your choice. I used apricots and figs.

Chop up the dried fruit into little pieces and top your pizza stripes with them. Again, don’t forget the grated cheese. 😉

Roll up, place on baking tray and into the over for about 20-25 minutes.

And here you go. My folks just loved them…

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Fourth of July Stars and Stripes Pie

A great dessert for your next 4th of July celebration: The Stars and Stripes Blueberry and Strawberry Pie.

Quick and easy enough if you use store-bought pie dough or puff pastry. But of course you can also use your favorite pie dough recipe. Continue reading

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My Creative Month – May 2015

Living a creative life for me means to keep challenging myself by regularly trying out new things and soon leaving the beaten path. It doesn’t matter if the result is perfect or not or whether it is small or big things.

Little things like trying out a new technique for your hobby or bigger things like starting a new hobby altogether all have the potential to make you happy. Dare to be yourself and have fun with what you do.

I too have to keep telling myself that because daily life too quickly puts you into other people’s routines. Sure, we’re not alone on this planet and there are things that just need to be done. But we should make sure to cut out enough time for ourselves.

Okay, doing new things all the time is also not good. Permanently living outside our comfort zone produces stress. We need days where we feel comfortable in doing what we already know. But I try to make sure I do something new every month, even if it is just trying out a new recipe or reorganizing my supplies.

Taming the Chaos, cont.

Even though, sadly, spring is still not quite here yet (May feels more like a particularly cold and rainy April around where I live), there is no way getting around spring cleaning. And it does feel good to get rid of old and useless stuff that you just couldn’t get yourself to throw away so far.

I’m currently going through all my old school notes and throwing 99.9% away. I haven’t so much as looked at any of this for the past 10 years or longer, so I definitely don’t need it.

I don’t want to go into the topic of education right now, but I do find it amazing how little of that stuff I’ve ever needed in my life! An utter waste of time.

Blogger’s Success Journal

I’ve become quite fond of these monthly wrap-ups because I mostly start out thinking: Gosh, what should I write this  month? I didn’t really do that much!

But once I get started so much more comes to my mind than I’d’ve ever thought. It is so good to see that you are being creative and that you do get things done, finish projects or at least make progress with them, or simply realize that you do have some creativity in your every-day life.

It’s a little bit like writing a success journal as many time and self-management coaches advise you to do. It gives you such a good feeling to realize what you accomplished, even if it is ‘just’ small things.

Photo Books

I’m quite into photo books again at the moment. I finished one with a format I’ve never used before—A5 panorama—and started another one that could be a larger project, but I’m looking forward to it.

I learned a lot about photo book making and layout in the last couple of years but still I feel like I’m just at the beginning and there is so much yet to learn.

If you’re interested in making your own photo books, check out my 10 Tips to get you started

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Due to the lack of pictures for the past year, I took plenty this month. Some days were indeed quite nice and lended themselves for trips.


Tortilla Wraps

My new recipe that I tried out this month were Tortilla Wraps. I’d never made this myself but was sure it would be a nice addition to our recipe book. And indeed I was right, they were so delicious!

Making the dough from scratch can be a bit challenging because the wraps have to be quite thin and you have to work out the right consistency before frying, but the rest is easy peasy.

Just mix a few things that you like and wrap them in there. If you like, then throw some Mexican sauce on your wraps and gratinate the whole thing with cheese. Gives it that little extra. 🙂

Layouting Posters at Work

My work life has also been a little creative this month for I finally got around to design some posters and a flyer for my department. I haven’t been able to work with InDesign yet, but for simpler posters a solid picture editing program and some good text editor work just as well.

And seriously, text editors can do A LOT now. They aren’t ideal, but you can do some pretty awesome stuff with them.

Inspirational Quote of the Month

When I created my Blogger’s Notebook, I included inspirational writing quotes for each month. The motto for May:

Your inspiration knows what to write, so get out of the way. (Ray Bradbury)

Love that one! I should look at the quotes more often. When I do I find them really helpful. And this one is so true.

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