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Faux Leather Cover for Blogger’s Notebook

When making covers for often-used notebooks that you carry around with you, not only looks should be a consideration but also durability. I had to make that experience the hard way with my blogger’s notebook cover.

It had a very nice look to it, but it was just not suited to being carried around in a small handbag all day long, 7 days a week. Continue reading

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DIY Blogging Notebook

Around the turn of the year, while others were coming up with their New Year’s Resolutions, I was busy reflecting on my blog and brainstorming a list with post ideas and topics I’d like to write about in 2015.

Some already went with a time plan when they should be published. For one clear insight and one resultant resolution came out of this reflecting process: In the past, more often than not, it took me way too long to write up seasonal posts (e.g and especially my Halloween posts). When they eventually did come out, the season was mostly already over, so the interest in those posts was understandably lower than it might have been.

My second resolution for this new year, next to being more creative, therefore: I’d like to get to a point where I manage to upload seasonal posts during their respective season.

Continue reading

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Travel Notebook Recap

It’s been a while since I created my version of a Refillable Travel Notebook. Gosh, I now realize it’s been over half a year!

About time for some recap of my experience with this notebook. It was an experiment. Some things worked out very well, some didn’t. Real-life usage sometimes confronts you with things that you’ve never thought of while theorizing…

Overall Experience

Overall, I LOVE! the thing. I just love that now I can use different signatures for different topics and have the notes on one field all neatly together. It is so much of an improvement.

I like handling it. For notes, I’ve always preferred the A5 format. This is ideal for carrying with you and still having enough space for your thoughts.

At first I was afraid that signatures might fall out, but with the elastic band there is absolutely no danger of that. Unless, of course, you drop it while it is opened. Knocking on wood! Hasn’t happened to me yet.

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Making My Own Notebook pt. 3 – Decorating the Cover

Decorated CoverPreviously, I reported how I created my very first self-bound notebook. First the text block, then a fitting cover.

Having acquired all the necessary techniques and now ready to go beyond the instructions, I got out the glittering foam craft sheet and got started with the idea I had for the decoration.

Since Halloween was already nigh at the time, I chose two shapes that fitted the season: a cat and a bat.

Those decorations are sooo cute and quite easy to make: Continue reading

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Making My Own Notebook pt. 2 – Case Binding

Some time ago, I set out on the adventure of binding my own notebook from scratch.

The first step was the text block, which proved something of a rusty start but still was a lot of fun.

The second one I made went a lot easier, even though the method with the hole template was not as satisfactory as I’d hoped. I have to work something out there.

Once the text block was done, the next logical step was to continue with the case binding. I watched many videos on bookbinding, but the best method ever for notebooks, which I used here, I found in this awesome video: How to make a Moleskine style notebook by Sea Lemon.

Considering the rusty start I had with the inside pages, this went pretty smoothly.

So smoothly, in fact, that I forgot to take pictures altogether. A perfect flow experience. I got out my camera, put it within easy reach, and got started…

Some hours later, I was finished, saw the camera lying there and thought, darn, I forgot something!

Anyway, since I had so much fun with the whole thing, I later made a second text block and could at least take pictures of the cover-making process the second time around. So I do have something for Show-And-Tell. 😉 Continue reading

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Making My Own Notebook – A Field Report

Two weeks ago, I discovered a new hobby for myself. Yes, another one. Admittedly, I barely have time for the existing ones as it is. But hey, that’s the way life goes when you’re creative and have a zillion interests. 😉

Well, to my defense, I didn’t do it on purpose, I swear. I was on YouTube looking for something else entirely (I don’t even remember what that was). By chance, I stumbled into a video on book binding. Or, more precisely, on how to make your own notebook. Continue reading

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