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10 Photo Book Tips

When venturing into new creative fields or trying to get better at something I have just done somehow (for better or worse) so far, I like to learn a little (more) about the techniques of the craft before I get started.

Thus, I own several books on photo book making, watched numerous video tips online, and learned a lot from that.

However, there is a point where you learn the most while actually doing it.

So, here are some quick tips to get you started! Continue reading

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My First Photo Book

Photo Book Page 1Since there was a demand for some examples, 😉 here are a few pages of my very first photo book. I’ll use the opportunity to say a few words about layouting along the way and share a few things I learned. Continue reading

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Creative Photo Books

I recently discovered photo books as a new hobby. I wouldn’t call myself a photographer and would never think of going out just to take pictures. But I love snapshooting, and since I started with these photo books, I’ve found that there are a few very beautiful shots among them. I also discovered that putting photo books together is an art form in its own right that deserves some attention. As I’m learning, I’d like to share my adventure. Allow me to start by sharing the story of how this topic grabbed my attention … Continue reading

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