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About The Author
Hi everyone, my name is Eddy and I am a twenty-something American Lit graduate, language nit-pick, and occasional ESL teacher. If I’m not working to earn a living, I enjoy creative writing, knitting, designing layouts with my computer, TV series marathons, decorating cupcakes, reading, and taking pictures (among many other things 😉 )

About This Blog
As the title implies, this blog is about creativity. We are born with it, rejoice in it, and it is useful for all areas of our lives. Although many schools go out of their way to unteach creativity and independent thought, we are all creative, if not all in the same areas. And that is good, too. Creative people often have various interests that seem unrelated to outsiders. To the creative person, they are not.

In this spirit, this blog will be about all the creative things I find inspiring and love to do, be it writing, print layout design, photo books, doing cool stuff with MS Office … and whatever else comes to my mind. You might find me talking about psychological or philosophical topics, too, on occasion.

My plan is to have this blog be both informative and fun to read.

Enjoy! And please feel free to let me know what you think …

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