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Welcome to Creativity Rulez!

Hi everyone! My name is Eddy and I love being creative.

But even though I know it is good for me, I often find it difficult to integrate creativity into my busy off-line life.

And I’m a multipotential, which means I just can’t decide what I want to focus on because there is waaaay too much that interests me and that I could focus on. Hence I do a lot but finish very little. I’m always doing several things at once because I’m scared I might be missing something if I focus only on a few things. And that stresses me out. I constantly discover new things that I get excited about but simply can’t get myself to get rid of old interests. It’s piling up and I’m beginning to realize that I just can’t do everything.

The idea to start this blog came to me for several reasons: The desire to share my interests with like-minded people and to inspire others to be creative as well. Accountability to actually finish some things for show and tell. The desire to display some of my creative projects so they wouldn’t just end up collecting dust on my shelf. And last but not least because I simply love to write.

I hope that you, in turn, enjoy what you’re reading. I’d love to hear what you think!


A little bit about me

I hold a Master’s Degree in American Literature and—next to my day job—I’m an occasional ESL teacher and aspiring wanna-be writer and artist.

My range of interests is quite broad and changes (or rather expands) on a regular basis.

The one thing that I could never do without, though, in whatever form, is writing. I keep a journal, I note down my ideas, I blog, and I write fiction stories…

And I’ll always love Halloween, no matter how old I get. Getting excited about all things Halloween all year long is probably one of my most striking features… 😉

Tell me what you think ...

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