It’s official: Creativity Rulez is turning 4 today! I’m always amazed when I think about how long I have actually been doing this.

For me, to keep at one and the same project for such a long time is pretty amazing—given that I am what I have termed a Jack of All Trades. I’ve recently heard somebody refer to this very thing with the beautifully anglicized word “Multipotential”; I don’t know how I think about this word, but it feels good to know that I’m not alone… 🙂

Anyway, it’s high time for a look at the last blogging year to see what has happened.



Since WordPress didn’t provide an annual report for 2016, I had to collect and compile most of the data myself. The posts received views from 36 countries, that is 13 more than last year! It sometimes does feel like a small world. Naturally, most of them came from my home turf Germany, followed by the U.S. and the U.K. They received over 500 views, which gets the number up to almost 2.000 total views. And they received almost 80 likes.



I’ll start with post frequency this time because that is the thing that bugged me this past year. I gave up in my head to try to publish 3 posts per month and instead decided to focus more on seasonal posts.

The idea would be to actually have more of those posts so the numbers would add up eventually, and that they would come out on time (i.e. within the actual season) so they would be more interesting for readers.

Well, it didn’t quite work out—yet. Granted, a lot came in the way last year that didn’t have anything to do with my blog, but still I found that having no actual number of posts per month that I wanted to reach, I tend to put off working on the posts in favor of other, more urgent matters.

On the other hand, I did do some work for seasonal posts in advance and some actually did come out on time. I’m very happy with how productive I was last year creativitywise and how well some things were planned out. Plus, I was more satisfied with the posts themselves. I just have to work on frequency and timing some more.

So I think I’m on the right track and will give the idea to focus more on seasonal posts another chance and see how I can improve the system.

I’m currently trying out some changes in how I enter posts into my bullet journal: Instead of putting the posts I would like to do in one month between the other monthly goals, I have now given the blog posts an own little box on my monthly planning page so they stand out more. I’ll see how that will work in the upcoming months and whether this will actually improve the situation in the long run.

As far as post topics were concerned, most of my posts revolved around recipes and food or reflected sewing as my new, big hobby. 10 out of the 17 were seasonal posts, so the direction is clear. I tried out a couple of new things again. Next to sewing there was the doodle challenge and bullet journaling.

On the other hand, book binding and writing came decidedly short again. I’d like to do a little more of that this year. But let’s face it: I wouldn’t be myself if I wouldn’t get excited with new things constantly. My problem is that I’m still fond of the old ones and would like to do those as well.

And I’d really like to finish my old projects. I have to find some way to do that. And I have only limited time, so I can’t do everything.


Favorite Posts

The 3 most viewed posts from last year were:

#1: Discovering the Bullet Journal

#2: Halloween Doodle Challenge

#3: Back to School – DIY Pencil Cases


What really amazed me the most was how many people looked at the bullet journal post and how many are still looking at it. That seems to be a topic that people are interested in. I hadn’t expected that when I first published it, but in retrospect it is probably not that surprising considering how much that has helped me so far. It is an awesome system! Actually, it’s much more than just an organizing system. I’m still very much into it and found it truly life-changing. So I’m quite sure there will be more on that topic in the future.


My personal favorites were

#1: Easter Baking

#2: Spring Craft 2016

#3: Sleeping Ghost Pillow

#4: Hair Accessory Organizer

#5: Valentine’s Day Baking


Future Outlook

Again I spent my February vacation making plans for my blog posts in 2017. I’d really like to stick with that focus on seasonal posts a while longer and give it another try.

On the other hand, I’d really like to up my blogging frequency again. I published only 17 posts in 2016, the lowest number ever—and quite frustrating compared to the 31 posts from 2015.

And yes, there were some external reasons as well which I hope will not be so much of a problem this year, but that can’t be it. There has to be a way. I hope that with my ever-increasing organization system, I’m on a good path.

Also, I’d like to post a little more about other, non-season-related topics (especially bookbinding, paper craft, and sewing) and do a lot more of those during the upcoming months in general. A fun and productive new blogging year it shall be…