I love Halloween not least because it is a time for adorably scary food ideas. I wanted to re-use my skeleton mold that I used for my Chocolate Cream Cemetery two years ago, when this idea came along. They are really quick and easy to make and a lot of fun! And, last but not least, really tasty…

What You’ll Need…

Spooky chocolate molds
White chocolate
Chocolate Frosting

And here is how I made them…

I actually ended up using two molds for this: The skeleton mold from two years back and a mold for ghoulish hands clawing out of the grave… Really spooky!

Melt white chocolate and fill into a piping bag. Pipe into the chocolate molds and put into the fridge.

Then, make the brownies. I used a recipe from this book:

It’s all about brownies and has some really good recipes in it. The brownies also turned out very well. Any good brownie recipe will work, of course.

Bake until ready and let it cool completely (otherwise the frosting will melt). Cut the brownie into pieces and arrange them on a large plate or platter.

Prepare the frosting and, using a knife, spread on the brownies. You can use any frosting, of course, but I found that chocolate frosting gave it this earth look as if the bones were really lying in the cemetery dirt.

Once the chocolate is completely solid, take it out of the mold and decorate your brownies with them. Be creative! πŸ™‚

And there you go…quick, easy, and really tasty Halloween brownies.

Have fun! Halloween is nigh! πŸ™‚