This year I discovered another Halloween craft idea: Halloween pillows. I think they make awesome decoration, not just for Halloween.

I had a lot of ideas, looked at a lot of pictures on the web what great pillows others were making, but the first idea that made it into reality was the sleeping ghost pillow.

For many, many years, I’ve been in love with this adorable Door keeper Ghost pattern I found on a website called A paper cut-out of this pattern had adorned my doors on Halloween (and beyond) for a long time, until I now moved into a flat that does not have prominent enough door cases to rest it on.

So I thought: Why not turn this into a pillow?

I was a little lazy with this pillow. There are two things that I’d probably try differently the next time around:

1) I didn’t bother to cut out the pointy part of the head as I thought that would be difficult to sew for me as a beginner, so I’d try to embroider it along with the rest of the face. It turned out okay, especially if you know the pattern well. But people who didn’t know the pattern told me that they found it difficult to make out what is what in the face. So it might look better cut out.

2) I just cut two sides out of fabric and sewed them together where I could have included a strip on the sides to make it more three-dimensional. Of course it is easier this way, and it does work. However, I found that it did make the ghost significantly smaller than I intended because you lose a lot of fabric on the sides when you stuff it, and secondly it thus looked a little like a sausage before the face was there (and I think it still looks a little bit like that).

If, like I did, you find including an extra strip of fabric on the sides too difficult or too time-consuming, it might also work to adapt the pattern and make it wider. Maybe that would account for the lost fabric on the sides as well. I shall try that out some time…

Those two things I’d change if I were to make one again, but still I think it turned out pretty cute and it will definitely join my Halloween decoration this year…

And here is how I made it:

What You’ll Need:

White fabric (or why not another color for a more colorful ghost  😉 )
Stuffing fiber
Black embroidery floss
(optional but helpful: erasable fabric pen and eraser)

Print the pattern in a bigger size (I ended up with 3 A4 pages). Cut out the pieces and glue them together with tape.

Pin the pattern on the fabric and cut around it. Make sure to have some extra allowance at the seams.

The fabric must be folded in half so you will end up with two identical pieces and the left sides are facing out. This is also where you will be sewing.

Remove the pattern, making sure that the pieces of fabric stay in place, and sew them together. Remember to leave an opening where you can stuff in the filling. As this will look a little bit different from the other seams, try to choose somewhere where it’s unobtrusive.

Turn the ghostie inside-out so the seams are on the inside. Then stuff with filling. The ghost doesn’t look big, but you’ll need quite a lot of filling.

Close the opening.

Now you’ll need the template again. If you are experienced with embroidering, it might work to go right ahead, but I found it really helpful to draw on the features with an erasable fabric pen. I purchased the pen and the accompanying eraser pen at a craft fair recently and this was the first time I used it. It worked really well!

Using embroidery floss, trace the outline and afterwards erase what is left of the pen traces.

Et voilà!

I just love this pattern. I find it so adorably cute. Of course, other ghost patterns would work as well. That way, it would even be possible to make several similar but different ghosties…

Have fun!