June and July were again quite busy months, especially since most of my free time went into course preparations and a couple of other things I had to take care of.

Fourth of July BBQ

My more or less only creative activity for June was planning and preparing my Fourth of July BBQ.

I tried out a lot of new recipes and got some things for decoration. It was a lot of fun. I was quite good with the preparation this time as well. It all got done in due time.

However, it’s the end of July already and I still haven’t gotten around to post about it. Not exactly in line with my resolution to post seasonal posts more timely. Oh, well, I’m working on it…


We took a couple of day-trips in July where I took a lot of pictures. I haven’t gotten around to turn them into photo books yet, though. But that’s sure to come.

Bullet Journal

Without really noticing it, I stopped bullet journaling in early June. I got back on track only in mid-July.

However, bullet journaling now successfully and completely spilled over to my day job. I find it very helpful to now have it all in one notebook.

As I suck so much at drawing, I got a couple of cute and colorful stickers to brighten up the pages of my private bullet journal a little. They need a little getting used to alongside my own sketchy drawings, but I like them.


I’ve been sewing quite a lot lately—by my standards. I’m completely in love with my new sewing machine. My old one broke down in May, which was actually rather a blessing because it felt as old as Methuselah and was absolutely no fun to use. It had some rather unpleasant quirks.

Someone I know recommended a really good model. It’s used and also not the latest version, but a lot of fun sewing with. So I guess I’ll be sewing a little more often in the future. I already have some projects up my sleeve…

New Recipes in July

I tried two new recipes in July, both involving puff pastry:

Puff pastry Hawaii style

I was looking for a sweet filling alternative, and found these puff pastry pockets Hawaii.

Puff pastry rolls filled with feta cheese and herbs

Actually I was planning to try out these “Cigars” made with Yufka dough (which I found you can actually buy in the store as well), but when I finally got around to make them, the dough wasn’t good anymore and I had to use puff pastry dough instead. That wasn’t ideal, espeically since it was a little hot for puff pastry that day anyway (if it’s too hot, the dough gets too soft and difficult to work with).

So instead of cigar-shaped bites I turned it into rolls. Didn’t hurt the taste, though, they are really good.

Notebook with individually placeable tab dividers

I found this handy notebook in a store where you can take out the divider pages with tabs and put them in wherever you like. I haven’t used it yet, but I really like the idea.