Bullet Journal

Although I just started with it, the Bullet Journal concept invaded my whole life by and by in under two months. I find that it makes me so much more productive and well organized; and on top of that also feeling like I get so much more done.

I’m still working on my set-up and trying to break old habits of using up as little space as possible. I’d like to give it more room and be a little more creative, especially in my daily planning, because I know that this will keep me doing it in the long run.

This is how the Bullet Journal has taken over:

  • I started out with one Bullet Journal for my creative projects at home.
  • Shortly after, a smaller take-along notebook for my daily chores followed.
  • I’m also Bullet Journaling at work now, using a calendar with one page per day that I had lying around and had been planning to use all this year but never quite did. The Bullet Journal method did the trick for me here, away from endless to do lists.
  • Even though I will continue using my DIY notebook calendar for my weekly planning, I have adapted a little of the Bullet Journal method in it: instead of just ticking things that have been done, I’m now using bullets in front of my entries and either cross them out when done or use arrows for transferred items.

I find this system so incredibly helpful. I love it! Simple but ingenious. And ingenious in its simplicity.

Spring Craft

For this year’s spring craft, I made a hedgehog, two bees, a fly agaric with a little one and snuggling trees.

Craft Supply Organization

In April, I finally found the time to organize my craft supplies somewhat more sensibly. I don’t always craft in the same space, so when I work on a project, I’d like to be able to grab my supplies and go for it. I don’t have that many tools and supplies, only those I find absolutely necessary, but they do accumulate, especially if you have more than one hobby.

I now have one box for sewing, one for knitting/crocheting, one for papercraft/bookbinding, one for the glues, one for decorative and elastic bands, and one for crafting materials. It’s never going to be ideal because there are things I use for several hobbies, but it’s waaay improved.

Photo Books

Our city hosts an annual “Long Museum Night” where I took loads of pictures, so I made a photo book about it.

I’m back to my beloved A5 horizontal format. The squared format that I tried out has finally been printed and while it’s not horrible, there are a couple of things I don’t like about it:

a) With its 20×20 cm I find it a little too big, which means that while you do have a little more space, it feels more wasteful to have only one picture on a page. Which is funny because it didn’t feel that way using the A4 format, which is even bigger.

b) I personally find the format uncomfortable to hold in my hands while looking through the books.

c) Some of the pictures, especially the ones taking up one page, had a poorer quality on the printed page than I thought they would judging by how they looked on the computer. I never had that to this extent.

Trying New Recipe: Blueberry Muffins

As a new recipe for May, I tried a couple of blueberry muffin recipes to find a go-to one. I hadn’t had a good one before and had some blueberries wanting to be eaten.

My favorite was this one: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/40403/best-of-the-best-blueberry-muffins/ They are really tasty!