Easter Baking: Grass Frosting Cupcakes

These fun Easter cupcakes are so cute and so easy to make. They are ideal to celebrate the spring season Easter style. Ideal for a little Easter brunch with family and friends. All you need is cupcakes, frosting and colorful, sweet “eggs.”

Make your favorite cupcake recipe. Put paper baking cups into a cupcake pan. If you have some fitting ones, it looks best if you use prettily decorated paper cups.

Bake until ready. After you take them out of the oven, put them on a wire rack to cool. They have to cool completely before you can decorate them, otherwise the frosting might melt.

Prepare a frosting of your choice and color with green food coloring. Fill into a piping bag. I used a butter frosting with a dash of freshly pressed lemon juice to give it a fresh taste.

When trying to find out which nozzle would be best for making frosting look like grass, I found that there is actually a special piping nozzle for grass (can also be used for hair and fur)—which I didn’t have in the starter set that I own.

I found that a star piping nozzle is also good.

Decorate all cupcakes in this fashion. To make them more colorful and Easterly, add some colorful “eggs” on top.

I tried around a little bit and found that it looks best if you use three “eggs” in different colors.

Happy Easter to you all!

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