I love dates for celebration! 😉 Today is another one: The day my blog went online 3 years ago. Amazing how time flies!

As usual, I’d like to use this day to look back at the previous blogging year and ahead to what I’m planning.


I don’t want to bore you with statistics overmuch.

The posts again received views from 23 countries, which I still find amazing, and almost 100 likes. Thanks to you all! In total, I’m close to 1,500 views by now. Again, probably not very impressive for a blog that has been around for 3 years, but given the little time I have to spend on my blog these days, it’s still not so bad. And actually we all know that the view count is highly inaccurate. I regularly have posts that have, say, 8 likes and only 4 views. Even though I’m not posting for the view count, I find that quite frustrating at times.


First of all, what did I post about?

I introduced the “My Creative Month” posts in this previous year and did quite well on them. I didn’t publish one post for every month, but I had quite a few and at least I think I covered all the months eventually. Naturally, in some months there is more to share than in others.

Bookbinding was the category I posted the most about (5 posts). Underlining that this is still my favorite hobby at the moment. And not surprising, really, since this was the “year of planning” where I was busy creating my own customized planner and my own calendar.

I did a number of seasonal posts: July 4th (3 posts), Halloween (2 posts), Back to School (1 post)—all but Halloween were new this year. This is the kind of stuff I’d really like to do more of in the future, especially Halloween. I always have so many ideas and so little time to actually make them. However, I’m getting better with publishing seasonal DIYs during the actual season, which is progress.

Other DIYs came a little short, as did creative writing (only 1 post each). I’d like to do more with that again in the future.

Secondly, post frequency:

That last year I’ve tried to bring the average number of posts up to 3 per month instead of 2 per month as in the year before. I even did quite well between and including April to November, and then have been faltering since December.

As much as I would like to come back to those 3 posts per month, I’m now wondering whether I should try to uphold a regular post number per month at all or whether I should rather concentrated on the themed stuff that I love the most and take the rest of the time to prepare more of that in advance. I don’t know yet.

At least I upped the number of total posts to 28 (in contrast to only 20 the year before). That makes me quite happy.

Favorite Posts

My personal favorites this year were:

#1: Spring Craft Ideas

Which I’m planning to do more of fairly soon as spring is coming… 🙂

#2: Make Your Own DIY Planner

#3: DIY Calendar / Weekly Notebook

#4: Back To School DIY – 3 Ways to Decorate Your Notebooks and Folders

And the readers’ favorite with by far the most likes was:

Puff Pastry Snacks with Apple Sauce Filling


February was spent making plans for the upcoming year and some months I already have all planned through. But knowing myself I also know that a lot of new ideas will come in the way. Thus, I always leave some room for spontaneity.

To be honest, I like to reserve that freedom. I started blogging because I found it to be fun, to share my projects with likeminded people, and to motivate myself to be creative. It’s weird: I know that I need being creative as much as I need oxygen and water, but still I often have to coax myself into getting started.

Maybe because of this, and although I don’t always keep to my schedule, I do find that making one helps me to organize my ideas and plans and get a good overview of what I might do and write about in the future.

Stay tuned … 🙂