If you have read any of my previous Halloween posts, you’ll know that I just love Halloween—and especially the Halloween-themed food.
I usually have one Halloween party and one Halloween dinner with my family around the big day. Since neither was hosted at our place this year, I didn’t have the opportunity to decorate much. But I still got around to serve some really awesome Halloween food…

For the dinner, I made:

Main Course: Pumpkin Soup

Not particularly spectacular, but tasty and a real season classic.

… with Pumpkin-Shaped Rolls

I like my soup with some decent bread to go with it. These bread rolls are easy and quick to make and taste good.

Make your favorite bread roll dough, grease a fitting Halloween mold (I used a pumpkin mold) and put them into the mold.

Bake for 20-25 minutes until ready.

Let cool in the mold until firm and then transfer onto a wired rack.

And serve while still a little warm.

Dessert: Bat Cake

I found this awesome Surprise Betty Loaf Cake recipe while browsing and immediately knew that I had to make this for the next Halloween dinner.

The only thing in the recipe that I changed was that I colored the dark batter with black food coloring to make a truly black bat. But the amount of black food coloring distorts the taste an the effect is not as spectacular as I’d hoped, so it’s not worth it.

Still, the cake turned out very good:


It is much simpler than it looks …

And the result is really amazing …

Healthy Dessert: Mandarin Pumpkins and Lychee-Grape Eyes

I also prepared some healthy dessert alternatives that were also received very well:

Mandarins dressed up as pumpkins with the help of little pieces of cucumber…

… and lychees that look like eyes with the help of grapes…

Sweet Treats

Of course, no party without yummy snacks.


The only decoration I managed to bring was this trivet I’d bought recently …

Party Buffet: Ghostly Tiramisu

For the Halloween party buffet, we made tiramisu with meringue ghosts.

With a piping bag, make little ghosts on parchment paper on a baking tray.

Put in the oven for about 140°C and bake for about 20 minutes.

Decorate with chocolate decoration to make eyes and a mouth, if you like.

Place on the tiramisu or cream you have prepared.

Mine unfortunstely didn’t really keep their form. I’ll experiment with this a little more if I make them again. It could have been the temperature or that many of them were not properly filled with merengue on the inside. But they still looked cute.

Hope you all had a joyful Halloween and are looking forward to the next big thing on the radar: Christmas. 😉