Halloween Knitting: Bat Scarf

Halloween is almost here now! OMG, is it really the end of October already? As I was afraid would happen, preparing my course takes up most of my free time at the moment. So Halloween comes a little short this year. But that’s okay because the course is a lot of fun too.

Luckily, Halloween dinner plans have been made well in advance and now just have to be executed on the very day.

One thing I did take some time for (mainly very late in the evenings when I was totally exhausted and could do no more than relax on my couch with something nice on TV shortly before going to bed):

As mentioned in an earlier post, I recently discovered a new world of Halloween craft: Halloween knitting. People make such amazing things! But there was one project in particular that I instantly fell in love with when I saw it and I knew that if I was going to make something this year, it was going to be that.

This Bloody Halloween Bat Scarf is so incredibly awesome. Unfortunately, there was only a picture and some descriptions, but no tutorial or pattern, so I improvised.

I’d found this wonderful free bat pattern earlier while looking for Halloween knitting ideas and it was just perfect for this. I tried to copy the whole bat pattern onto a piece of squared paper, but after two failed attempts gave up trying to get two symmetrical sides. So I made half a pattern and then reversed while knitting.

One tip: It can be a little hard sometimes—especially if you have to put your project aside for a while during the process—to remember where you are in the pattern. So it can be helpful to put a paperclip in the relevant row to jog your memory.

The pattern for the blood dripping down I just drew myself. I had much thicker wool then they used so I had to adapt anyway.

What appealed to me also about this project was, next to the cool pattern, that it was a good opportunity to try out the so-called double knitting technique. I had stumbled into this great double knitting video tutorial by Joannesweb.com years ago but never had the opportunity to try that out.

The awesome thing about this technique is that your scarf looks the same on both sides (so there is no ugly backside), just in reversed colors.

I won’t even try to explain it here. If you want to try double knitting, have a look at the video. She explains it really well. I’ll be honest: This technique is quite time consuming because you’re basically knitting two scarves at the same time and you have to change between two threads all the time, which can be a little tedious. But once you get used to it and have it fully figured out it is actually not so difficult. And the result is so well worth it!

And here is the result:

As you can see, due to lack of time I have only half finished it so far. And I’m quite positive that I won’t finish it until the big day. But well, it is getting cold and this scarf is certainly going to make a good companion for the rest of the fall. The yarn is quite thick and fluffy and I’m sure it’s going to be very warm and cozy.

As a friend of mine pointed out the other day, this would make a lovely Halloween banner for decoration as well … 😉

I’ll be back with a Halloween update after the day, so until then a joyfully scary Halloween to you all… 🙂

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