My Creative Month – September 2015

September was a crazy and chaotic month where a lot got in the way of my creative projects. I don’t want to go into detail, but there were basically almost three weeks out of four were I could not do anything. This continued into the beginning of October, which is why this post comes out so unusually late.

Thus while I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get half as much done as I’d planned, I’m quite happy that I did get done as much as I did.

New Cover for Blogger’s Notebook

I finally got around posting about the new cover I’d made for my blogger’s notebook in August. Since the once beautiful cover had been starting to look really shabby from wear of use, it was high time for something new and more durable.

New Separating Pages for Planner

I also finally found the time to replace the makeshift separating pages with the real deal in my DIY planner: Where I’d previously used spare paper just to have something there, I finally put in scrapbooking paper.

It is unbelievable how hard it is to get decent scrapbooking paper in Germany. (Among many other things.) Those are all a little bit too Christmasy, but that was seriously all I could get. I was glad to get some nice sheets at all.


Since the Halloween season is approaching, I of course already started looking more intensely for Halloween stuff. The latest thing I ran into on the web is Halloween knitting. 😉 I already got myself some orange and black yarn!

I’m also determined to make a Halloween tablecloth this year. Again, it is unbelievable how hard it is around here to get decent Halloween fabric! Or any, for that matter.

The Halloween meal also does not plan itself. I’m doing quite well though because I did the rough planning of what I’m going to make months ago already. Now I just have to plan the details. And I again have to see how to spook up what we’ll be bringing for the Halloween buffet this year. 😉

Preparing My Course

I was offered to teach a class on academic writing at my Alma Mater this semester, so I have a lot of preparation to do … And it really is a whole load of work.

Since it is starting at the end of October, it is now conflicting with my Halloween preparations, but I’m still looking forward to it very much.

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