When making covers for often-used notebooks that you carry around with you, not only looks should be a consideration but also durability. I had to make that experience the hard way with my blogger’s notebook cover.

It had a very nice look to it, but it was just not suited to being carried around in a small handbag all day long, 7 days a week.

After only a short while it looked like this:

So finally I decided it deserved a new, more durable cover.

There was plenty faux leather (vinyl) left from my DIY Calendar that also lives in my handbag; so why not go for partner look. 😉

Having gone through all the steps before, it was really quick to make as I already had all the measurements and knew what to do. For more details check out my blogger’s notebook post and for a detailed step-by-step guide watch Jennifer’s awesome video where I found the original idea: How To Make a Traveller’s Notebook by Sealemon.

Measure and cut your vinyl so it fits nicely for your notebook. Then measure and cut double-sided iron-on adhesive and felt accordingly. You can get felt sheets in so many beautiful colors these days. I went for a nice bright blue.

Iron on the adhesive to the vinyl (be careful that it doesn’t get too hot because the vinyl might melt a little and then won’t look so good anymore). Then remove the cover paper and iron on the felt.

Of course you can also sew the vinyl and the felt together if you prefer.

Fold it in the middle with your hand so you can see where the “spine” will be. Now make the required holes. That works best with a screw punch, if you have one.

From the outside edges, measure 1/2 inch, from that on 1 inch, and a little bit larger hole in the middle of the “spine.”

Pull a 1-2 mm thick elastic cord through like this:

And another band in the middle (optional) if you have more than one signature:

My signatures were already made so I could just slip them in.

And you’re done!

A little decoration on the inside:

To make the notebook look a little nicer on the inside, you can add some decoration with iron on patches. That adds that little something extra!

Just go and have fun with it!