It’s back to school time and shops abound with back to school supplies. While there are many pretty supplies for sale, why not jazz up and personalize your supplies to your taste?

Here are three easy ideas how to personalize your notebooks and folders and make them pretty.

Idea #1: Picture Collage

I’m totally into these notebooks with picture collages that are all over the internet at the moment.

They are pretty easy to make and they look so cool!

Print out pictures that you like. Make sure they all have roughly the same size. I used heavier 120g paper. That looks nicer and is more durable.

Cut out the pictures and arrange them on the folder or notebook until you like the layout.

Glue everything in place.

To make the cover more durable, I sprayed it with fixative spray. If you have it, you can also use mod podge, of course. Let dry … and there you go:

The following two ideas are for folders with a clear pocket to slip in a nice cover. The advantages are that you can quickly change the cover and that it is nicely protected.

However, of course those designs can also be used as covers for other notebooks and folders.

Idea #2: Coloring Pages Cover

Find free coloring pages that you like online and arrange them on a page. Print it out, making sure it has the right size to fit your folder pocket. Also make sure to use thicker paper (e.g. 120 g) because it is easier to color.

Yes, I couldn’t resist rounding the corners. I just love them.

Now get some colored pens and color the pictures. Something nice to do together with the kiddos, too. πŸ˜‰

If this isn’t colorful enough for you, you can add shapes and colors around the images.

Now slip it into the cover:

Idea #3: Triangle Collage

I love this triangle layout because it is so versatile. I used pictures and patterns from old magazines, but of course you can use own pictures as well.

Cut a sheet to the right size to fit the pocket. I again used 120g copy paper, but if you’re going for a particular color scheme of course you can also use colored paper.

Now you have to figure out the size of your triangles. Measure the width and height of your paper and think about how many triangles you’d like to have on the page. Divide the measurements by that number and substract a little to leave room for the gaps (if want to leave gaps).

Once you have made a template (again make sure to use thicker paper because that makes it easier) you can start finding pictures from magazines or choosing own pictures that you like and that you think would look good as triangles. Don’t just go for pictures but also look for nice shapes and colors.

Arrange the triangles on the page and glue them on. I used a glue stick.

Turn around and cut off the excess.

With these cool collages, school might be a little more fun.

And this is not only a good thing for school, but also for office or household folders and notebooks for us adults. πŸ˜‰ Have fun and make these designs all yours by using your own pictures…