Fourth of July Cake Pops

A perfect snack for a Fourth of July BBQ, party, family get-together … whatever you want.

No-Bake Cake Pop Dough

For an easy and quick cake pop dough that doesn’t need to bake, use a store-bought sponge cake and crumble it into little pieces.

Add some cake pop frosting and knead until you get a smooth dough. Then form little balls (I found that 30g per pop is best).

Or whatever else you would like to make. I included 3 flat circles for stars and an Uncle Sam’s hat (which, admittedly, didn’t turn out that well).

If it is hot and the dough gets too soft to work with properly, put it in the fridge or the freezer for a few minutes.

For the stars, I used a star cookie cutter, but since the dough was difficult to get out of the cutter, I just made a mark in the dough with the cutter and cut off the excess with a knife.

The Decoration

For the decoration, you’ll need red and blue food coloring (and white, unless your icing is already white as mine was). And, of course, cake pop sticks. I didn’t have quite the appropriate colors, but so what?

Melt the icing in three little glasses in a water bath and color them.

Let it cool down a little bit—not too much either—and start decorating.

Some Decoration Ideas

  • Blue cake pops with white stars combined with red pops with white stripes are a classic.
  • Or why not the same decoration with star-shaped cake pops?
  • I particularly liked the patriotic Uncle Sam hat
  • I had some colorful sugar butterflies lying around so I picked out some white, blue, and red ones and put them on a white cake pop

A Few More Awesome Ideas From The Web



Uncle Sam pops

Squared Cake Pops with American Flag

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