Fourth of July 2015

Hope all of you who celebrate had a fun and save 4th of July!

I rarely get to celebrate properly around here as—of course—in Germany this is not a public holiday and usually I have to work. But since this year was a Saturday and we were having a BBQ anyway, I thought that was a good opportunity to make something 4th of Julyish. 🙂

I went for dessert—not so surprisingly 😉 —, the making of which could have been much fun if it weren’t for the massive heat wave that struck these parts during the middle of the week, with it’s peak at 36°C in the shade yesterday. It wasn’t just that it was uncomfortable for me to work in such heat but that my ingredients didn’t really fancy the heat either and behaved in many ways contrary to what I wanted. However, despite such difficulties, I think it turned pretty well.

I went for Fourth of July cake pops; the first time I got around to make some since the workshop

… and a Stars and Stripes pie, which turned out to be my favorite that day:

Follow the links for the recipes. Since I started my overview pages, I found that it is better to link to single recipes if they have their own post.

Have a great Sunday and let’s all hope that it is going to cool down a little—just a little—soon before we all melt here…

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