My Creative Month – April 2015

Although spring officially begins in late March, this year it didn’t really start around here until mid-April, and even then very hesitantly. So there were quite a few rainy and especially stormy days that lended themselves to do some creative stuff rather than go out …

1. Cake Pops

To overcome my hesitation to try out cake pop making, I joined a cake pop workshop. I found that the basics are not as difficult as I thought but the decorating itself takes a lot of practice. And a lot of patience!

I summarized what I learned in my Cake Pop post. Yummy!

2. Spring Craft

Now that spring is finally here for real, it’s time for a little actual spring craft.

I started out wanting to make two projects I’d seen on the net and ended up making more cute paper animals πŸ™‚ plus a smiling sun…

See more in my Spring Craft post

3. Photo Book

Seeing a friend’s photo book that she had made for the year 2014 totally motivated me to make a photo book of my own once again. I had started a couple since my last project, but not finished any of them. Also due to the problem that I only have a laptop with a very small screen and thus the double-page I was working on in the photo-book software was literally TINY. Until I now realized that you can connect a laptop with a computer screen, which I then annexed for a day. I did the whole thing on one Sunday.

Okay, I admit it took so little time because I found that I had actually taken very few pictures in 2014 and that there were a lot of events and trips that I didn’t have pictures of.

Resolution for this year, therefore: Take more pictures again! πŸ™‚

4. Sunday Baking

Last weekend, I spontaneously decided I’d like to make my own croissants and currant loaf.

After looking at some good videos on the net it was clear that I don’t really have time to make croissants from scratch at the moment, so I tried out Laura Vitale’s yummy Nutella Croissants made with store-bought puff pastry. They are indeed a very nice Sunday breakfast!

The currant bread that I then decided to make as a bread plaid turned out to be quite simple and quick. I found this great recipe on YouTube. That was fun to make.

But since I don’t work near that bakery anymore where they had these brilliant cheese croissants, I know I’ll have to try croissant dough one of these days. Puff pastry is nice but no substitute for the real deal.

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