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My Creative Month – April 2015

Although spring officially begins in late March, this year it didn’t really start around here until mid-April, and even then very hesitantly. So there were quite a few rainy and especially stormy days that lended themselves to do some creative stuff rather than go out … Continue reading

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Spring Craft Ideas

After only having some time on longish bus rides to look at other people’s spring crafts last month, I finally got around making some of my own. I started out adapting two ideas that I found on the net but very soon started making my own stuff. Paper craft is a brilliant creative outlet!

Since I sucked so much at everything art in school, I didn’t expect much but they really turned out so cute! Just goes to show how the way we do in certain school subjects tells us nothing. But don’t get me started on education again, 😉 today is about fun paper craft… Continue reading

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Cake Pops

Cake pops are so versatile. I love looking at all those fun ideas you can make with them. You can go for numerous tastes, shapes, decorations… They are so flexible and good for any occasion!

I’d been wanting to make cake pops for ages and even bought a cake pop mold last year, but I never found the time to look into how to make them myself. And without proper preparation, I didn’t feel prepared to start.

To overcome this, I recently participated in a cake pop workshop. A fun evening packed with loads of information and a lot of trying out.

This was the (not yet entirely satisfying) result:

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