My Creative Month – March 2015

How time passes by. This is incredible! The month just started and now it is almost over again! But I do have some fun and creative stuff for show-and-tell. 😉

1. Spring Craft

Spring is almost here! 🙂

And with it comes the colorful and fun spring craft. I didn’t get around making anything myself yet, but I found a lot of great stuff on the net that makes me want to…

Check out these:

PomPom Frog

Puzzle Piece Lamb

Glass Bead Flower Bracelet

Marshmallow Flowers

After looking for a while, I got especially excited about stuff with ladybugs. I just love ladybugs! They are so cute!

Swirling Twirling Ladybugs

Ladybug Fabric Scrap Magnets

Egg Carton Ladybugs

And there are even ladybug-inspired recipes. What amazing ideas:

Ladybug Cake Pops

Ladybug Cupcakes

Ladybug Appetizers

Ladybug Cookies

2. Brownies

I’d never made brownies before and had been wanting to for YEARS! This year I made the resolution that I would finally take the time.

I hadn’t expected the batter to be so thick, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

You really have to be careful not to leave them in the oven too long. When the time stated in the recipe was up it was still very gooey, so I gave it 5 more minutes. They were still good, but that was close. Better check back after 2 minutes next time!

I’m certainly going to try out some more brownie recipes before I decide which one’s the best, but this was already quite good. Juicy and yummy!

I used Cynthia Barcomi’s recipe from “Let’s Bake.” I totally love her books. Everything I’ve tried out from them so far turned out great the very first time and tasted really good. A definite thumbs up!

3. Knitting, cont.

Having rediscovered knitting in January, I continued with a scarf with my favorite pattern.

I usually get bored quite easily if I have to do the same thing again, no matter what it is, but I just cannot get enough of this pattern.

I got it from an old knitting book from the 70s or 80s. It was originally a shawl, but I made a scarf out of it. I just love it! My plan is to have scarfs with this pattern in several different colors so I always have a fitting accessory.

4. Brochure Design

At my 9-5, I was lucky and got a place in a one-day workshop on how to create brochures with InDesign. I might be doing quite a few brochures, flyers, posters, and leporellos there in the future, so I insisted that we should check this out as an alternative to Word and Co.

Almost every professional designer will tell you that you just shouldn’t layout without a professional layouting program like InDesign.

Since so far this has been rather just a hobby of mine and since the program is very, very expensive, I’d always tried to convince myself that using Word works just fine and that you didn’t really need this.

I still think that for hobby purposes (e.g. if you do a small quarterly magazine for your local soccer club or if you once in your life want to create a funny wedding magazine for your sister) and for very small businesses who make a new flyer every few years to advertise their services, it’s not worth spending all that money and taking the pains to learn a new program.

But they’ve totally convinced me that if your job entails creating print products on a regular basis, this is just the better alternative.

Word might have gained a lot new functions that help you create a layout. But still, it is not made for this purpose. It is made for dealing with texts. If you remove some part in the middle, the rest just moves up. Including your layout elements, destroying your carefully arranged layout. Again and again! This doesn’t happen in layouting programs.

I still have to order the software from our IT department, but I’m looking forward to working with it more in the future.

5. Mind Mapping as a Learning Technique

I’ve written about Mind Mapping before and cannot really remember whether I mentioned it as a tool for learning.

By chance, I recently came across the website Mindstation. He uses very elaborate maps with pictures to capture an entire topic. A very fascinating idea, which reawakened my fascination with mind mapping (and learning techniques in general). I already have a few ideas for a post in that direction. 😉

6. Vampire Yogurt

I don’t want to advertise (especially since I didn’t really like the taste of it), but I loved this idea so much I wanted to share it. I’m totally into vampires (since way BEFORE and DESPITE the recent hype) and so this “Yogurt of the Month” was just for me. 😉 The idea is so cool …

Red yogurt (although the color wasn’t quite right 😉 ) and vampire bat crunch. Take a bite! 😉

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