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Easy DIY Photo Cards

I prefer making cards for people rather than buying them. Be it for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or other special occasions, a handmade card is always so much nicer.

This photo card is very easy to make and does not require much skill in drawing or cutting. 😉 And, if you want, you can insert a flat gift (tickets, money, vouchers etc.)

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Why Are Schools Still Killing Creativity?

While I was having an interesting discussing on education with a fellow language teacher, we somehow ended up talking about a TED talk on creativity that I had come across a while ago and that he turned out to know as well.

Remembering how much I liked it, I thought I’d re-watch it and share it with you guys. If you are interested in the topic of education, this is a definite must-see:

At the TED conference in February of 2006, Sir Ken Robinson spoke about “How Schools Kill Creativity.”

As I looked closer now, I found that since then he’s done two more TED speeches. They might not be as popular, but they are also very good and make vital points: “Bring on the learning revolution!” from 2010 and “How to escape education’s death valley” from 2013.

Before I discuss those speeches, I’d like to give you a concise summary of his main arguments from all three videos: Continue reading

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