Note: This creative project was done in February/March of 2014, but only now did I finally have time to finish off this tutorial. The cozy is by now well used, but I still like it a lot. So, if you’d like to make your own, here is how to:

This project came up quite unexpectedly. It was rather urgent, too, to protect an innocent brand-new iPod from either being damaged in a bag or lying in a drawer waiting to be used.

The answer was simple at first: A cozy was needed. Only question that remained was how it was to be made.

Despite its utmost urgency, I decided that a plain cozy was too boring. I’d discovered this beautiful pink wool in my local wool shop, and I was determined to turn it into something special.

Owls are everywhere at the moment. And I think they are super cute. So I went for a crocheted owl cozy.

Problem #1: I have very little experience in crocheting. All I had crocheted before this were two pairs of pot holders, and that was at least 3 years ago.

Problem #2: I couldn’t find any tutorials on the web. There were numerous pictures of crocheted owls and owl cozys, but no tutorial. So I had to figure this one out for myself step by step. This is what came out:

Step #1: The cozy itself

The first step is to crochet the body of the owl, which is more or less nothing else than a little tube.

If you need more detailed instructions with pictures: I found this awesome tutorial very helpful (the tutorial is in German, so if you don’t speak German, try this English video tutorial by Jess. She doesn’t use exactly the same technique, but the result is what matters.)

The tutorial I used does it roughly like this: For the body, crochet a number of chain stitches until it fits around the iPod. Make sure it has a tight fit. You don’t want it to be too loose in the end.

Then single crochet into each stitch along the row. When you reach the end, try again how it fits around your gadget. Some people crochet tight, so it might have gotten a bit shorter.

This is an important step, so if you find it is too short or too long, you have to start again until it has a good fit.

Now close the whole thing to a round. Be careful not to twist the chain. The tutorial advises to make a slip stitch into the other end, crochet one more chain stitch and then single crochet until the end of the row. (In the video, Jess already joins the chain stitch row. It doesn’t really matter how you wanna do it.)

Continue with single stitches going round and round your tube until the cozy is long enough to cover the entire iPod.

You don’t have to use single stitches, of course. You can use any kind of stitch you like to make a different pattern.

Since you don’t want your gadget to fall out, you have to close the tube at the bottom. Turn it inside out. Crochet the bottom together.

Here I wanted to go fancy again. Since this was going to be a cover for something I would use with earphones a lot, I felt that there had to be a hole for the earphones to come in so I wouldn’t have to take the iPod out of the cozy when I was travelling.

Since I didn’t have a tutorial for that, I had to improvise: I crocheted the bottom together, but I left a hole where the plug would go in.

Since it didn’t look very nice and I didn’t trust it to hold, I single crocheted all around the hole to stabilize it and make it look better.

Turn the right side out again, et voilà! A neat little hole …

Step #2: Beak and Ears

I’d seen a couple of pictures where they used a flap as the beak and ears of the owl. I liked the idea of a flap anyway, held with a button. So I went for that.

Crochet a flap to one side of the top row. Make sure to make it wider than the actual body. Noticeably wider! I think I used too few additional chains. I’m not quite satisfied with how it stands out, or rather how it doesn’t.

After a few rows, start to decrease. At the end, chain stitch a couple of stitches and crochet them together to make a little loop for the button. Since the edges looked crappy, I crocheted once again around the whole flap, including the button loop to make one smooth edge.

 Step #3: The Wings

I spontaneously made the wings one night when I couldn’t sleep. To be honest, I’m not completely happy with them in retrospect. I looked at pictures of owls more closely since and they have much longer wings that almost reach down their entire body. I’d have liked to get them a little rounder as well.

Play around a little with the wings. Maybe you’ll come up with something more owl-like.

However, this is how I made my wings:

Chain stitch a couple of stitches. Single stitch back and forth. Start decreasing right away since you don’t want it to become too big.

Finally, crochet around the whole wing to get a smooth edge. Create a second one the same way.

Place the wings on the body where you want them to be and, using the same yarn, sew them onto the cozy.

Step #5: The Eyes

Using a differently colored yarn, crochet circles. It is up to you how big you want to make them. I think mine were a little too small. Next time I’d make them bigger.

Position them on the body and sew them on.

Step #6: The Button

Find a fitting button. I strongly advice to really take your cozy with you. Don’t just choose the button by itself. I had to try out at least two dozen that looked good on their own but didn’t really fit.

Step #7: The Feet

The feet were the biggest challenge. I tried several things and desperately looked for tutorials for crocheted bird (or animal) feet, but found nothing. Until I tried around a little and finally came up with this:

(I’m probably not describing this very well since I have little to no experience with crocheting instructions; if you have trouble understanding this part, just ask!)

1) Take the bottom of your cozy and choose a point where the first foot should start. I couldn’t place it in the middle because of the earphone hole, so I started right next to it. Go in with the needle and create one loop.

2) Create a second loop right next to it. Then crochet those two loops together.

3) Chain stitch 3.


4) Go into the first two stitches that you crocheted together and create a loop.

5) Crochet the two loops together.

6) Go into the bottom row a little further to the left and create another loop.


7) Crochet the two loops together.

8) Go into the bottom row and create yet another loop. Crochet the two loops together.

9) Chain stitch 3 more.

10) As before, go into the two stitches at the bottom and crochet together.

11) Anchor into the bottom row with another stitch.

Then, do the second foot in the same way.

And this is the result:

Now all you have to do is secure all the yarn and you’re done. A cute and handy DIY owl cozy! And not so hard to make after all …

Have fun!