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Crocheted iPod/iPhone Cozy Owl

Note: This creative project was done in February/March of 2014, but only now did I finally have time to finish off this tutorial. The cozy is by now well used, but I still like it a lot. So, if you’d like to make your own, here is how to:

This project came up quite unexpectedly. It was rather urgent, too, to protect an innocent brand-new iPod from either being damaged in a bag or lying in a drawer waiting to be used.

The answer was simple at first: A cozy was needed. Only question that remained was how it was to be made.

Despite its utmost urgency, I decided that a plain cozy was too boring. I’d discovered this beautiful pink wool in my local wool shop, and I was determined to turn it into something special.

Owls are everywhere at the moment. And I think they are super cute. So I went for a crocheted owl cozy.

Problem #1: I have very little experience in crocheting. All I had crocheted before this were two pairs of pot holders, and that was at least 3 years ago.

Problem #2: I couldn’t find any tutorials on the web. There were numerous pictures of crocheted owls and owl cozys, but no tutorial. So I had to figure this one out for myself step by step. This is what came out:

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A New Creative Year 2015

In the past, I mostly had quite concrete—and probably way too many—resolutions for the upcoming year. Do more of this and less of that. Get that and that project finished …

I hardly ever did manage to fulfill any of them.

This year, I have only one main goal: I want to be more creative in 2015. Continue reading

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