For me, Halloween always seems to last longer than for other people because it takes me such a long time posting about the things I made on Halloween. But so what? I enjoy Halloween so much, I’m actually happy to have it around a little longer. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I already showed you the cool Chocolate Cream Cemetery that I made for a buffet shortly before the big day. Time to move on to the actual Halloween day dinner and the party decoration.

Main Course: Halloween-Style Pizza

Pizza Skulls

Since they were such a success last year, I made those ingenious Stuffed Pizza Skulls again. They are so amazing.

Halloween Trinity Pizza

Since we were one person more this year, I decided we needed one additional pizza. So I went on the net and looked for Halloween Pizza inspiration. I found not one, but three neat ideas that I wanted to try out. So I quickly reached the decision to make something 3ish.

To give credit where credit is due, here are the links to the wonderful ideas that I found:

Eye Ball Pizza

Mini Pizza Mummies

Spider Pizza

The good part is that, next to the usual three pizza necessities (pizza dough, tomato sauce, ground cheese), you only need three more:

Mozzarella (preferably little mozzarella balls)

Gimmick: Colorful Halloween-themed Ice Cubes

This is the one thing I made this year that was completely my idea. I’d bought these ice-cube molds some time during the year and was keen on finally using them.

Can you even call them “ice cubes” if they are not cubes? There should be a different word for it. Suggestions, anyone? πŸ˜‰

But I thought that the simple, transparent ice cubes would be too boring.

So I remembered this drink coloring set I’d bought in last year’s after-Halloween sale …

… and used them to color the water before freezing it. A good use for those cupcake filling thingies that I’d never gotten around using before.

I loved the orange bats, but the black fangs did not quite meet my expectations. I guess I should have done it the other way around.

I also thought I’d ruined the mold when the black fangs came out and the mold was all black, but luckily it washed out very easily.

Dessert: Eyed Chocolate Cream

How about a cute dessert that looks back at you?

Originally, I’d intended to make mini cupcakes with facesΒ β€” the thing that was going to be my original idea.

But when I showed around pictures of the chocolate cream graveyard, I found that my better half was not the only one who had been waiting wistfully for me to make my chocolate cream again. So I spontaneously changed plans.

I didn’t want to make a graveyard again right away, though, which was when I remembered those stock photos of Chocolate Pudding with Marshmallows I’d come across. Only that they used marshmallows for the eyes. Since they give no instructions, here’s how I made them:

It is very easy. Just prepare your favorite chocolate cream/pudding recipe and fill little stylish bowls with it, one for each guest.

Get a pack of candy eyeballs …

… and place them on the chocolate cream wherever you like.

They don’t all have to look the same. And why always just two eyes? How about three? πŸ˜‰ Looks very monster or alien style.

Then, melt chocolate and fill it into a piping bag. Cut a hole into the tip of the bag.

Make sure that the hole is not too big. Mine was a little too big, which made it difficult to pipe clearly defined letters.

Which brings us to the next step. Find a level surface, such as a large cutting board or something similar and put some baking parchment on it.

With the piping bag, pipe a couple of “boo”s or whatever else you want to write.

Put the whole thing in the fridge. Be very careful to hold it straight the whole time. Otherwise the chocolate is likely to run and blend.

While piping, be careful to have quite a thick bridge between the letters. Otherwise they will come apart later.

After they have solidified, take them out of the fridge.

Immediately but carefully place them onto the chocolate cream. Don’t hold it in your fingers for long. The chocolate starts to melt within seconds.

Ta-Dah! Here’s looking at you, kid. πŸ˜‰


Since we were going to watch some spooky TV later into the evening, I felt the need to provide some Halloween-style snacks.


I didn’t really have much time for the decoration. So I ended up buying almost all of it. They weren’t expensive, but most of it is really cool stuff anyway.

I particularly like this little flash light that throws Halloweeny shadows on the wall. It comes with 5 different motifs that you can use …

The Halloween napkins were nice, too. I still have plenty left for next year. πŸ˜‰

Only the spiderweb tablecloth was crap. It looks okay, but it’s really cheap and thin plastic. It already had two holes in it before we’d even sat down to eat.

I’m planning to get some Halloweeny fabric for next year and sew my own tablecloth. That will look so much nicer.

I also love those Halloween tea lights, which will be decorating the room for a bit longer … πŸ˜‰

Well, this was the Halloween season of 2014. On to Christmas. It is not so far away now… πŸ˜‰