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Free writing

What is free writing?

A handy and very popular creative technique is free writing. It is very easy: You take a pen and a piece of paper or open up a page on your computer—whichever you prefer—and start writing. Just write down anything that comes to your mind. Write quickly. Do not pause to think. Pay no attention to correct grammar or spelling. Do not go back to read what you have written. Just continue writing.

Basically, free writing can be three things: 1) a brainstorming technique (only that you use a full text instead of just key words), 2) a cathartic output of whatever is on your mind, and 3) a catalyst for creative energies that can get you started for the real deal. Continue reading

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Halloween 2014

For me, Halloween always seems to last longer than for other people because it takes me such a long time posting about the things I made on Halloween. But so what? I enjoy Halloween so much, I’m actually happy to have it around a little longer. 😉

Anyway, I already showed you the cool Chocolate Cream Cemetery that I made for a buffet shortly before the big day. Time to move on to the actual Halloween day dinner and the party decoration.

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Halloween Chocolate Cream Cemetery

Halloween might be over for this year, but it is sure to come back. So, here is the first part of this year’s Halloween food preparation. Come in and be spooked …

This year’s Halloween buffet contribution started out as a little challenge: My boyfriend mentioned that we hadn’t made our favorite chocolate cream recipe in a while. So what we were going to make was solved. Only question that remained was: How to turn that into something Halloweeny.

Thinking back, my very first Halloween buffet contribution way back was also chocolate cream: I turned it into something Jack’o’Lantern-style:

Jack-'o'-Lantern Chocolate Cream

I still like this idea. It is quick and easy and still looks nice. But I’ve since evolved somewhat in the art of Halloween food making and improved both my skills and my kitchen supplies. So I have more options now and thought I’d go for something more challenging.

I’d seen a YouTube video where two girls made a chocolate cake with tombstones and pumpkins. I liked the idea of turning this into a cemetery and decided to do the same.

When I googled this idea, I found that there are actually a lot of cool variations of chocolate pudding, chocolate cream, chocolate cake… dressed up as a wonderfully creepy graveyard. So here is mine …

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