Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween again! High time to look at some fun and creative things to do on Halloween (or during the entire Halloween season, if you like 😉 ).

As you might know from last year’s Halloween posts, Halloween is my favorite festivity. I just love the whole thing: the decoration, the costumes, and, especially, the Halloween-themed food.

This is definitely my number one:

Take a Bite!
Prepare and Consume Halloween Food

The possibilities are really endless. Whether you use themed molds or your usual kitchen supplies, there is so much creepy, cute, and fun stuff you can make. The best part is later enjoying it with family and friends.

The good thing is that there is something for everybody: scary or cute, quick and easy or elaborate, sweet or hearty … Choose some of the brilliant recipes online or in books or make up your own.

Halloween Podcasts

While you’re preparing Halloween food ;-), or in the car/bus on your way to work/school, or wherever, why not get in the mood by listening to some fun Halloween podcasts. I recently discovered two great ones I’d like to share:

The Halloween Haunt


Short bits of Halloween history, customs, and creeeepy stories … hosted by the Halloween Haunter. That spooky voice gives me the creeps every time. 😉

Halloween News Network


Video Podcast with DIY Halloween tips and fun facts. They have really good ideas that are easy enough to reproduce at home.

And if you want to get creative and have some spare time, why not make your own Halloween podcast, audio book, or audio play? Or a Halloween radio show with creepy music that you can play at your Halloween party…

Halloween Craft

Decoration, cards, invitations … there are so many things you can make. If you suck at drawing as much as I do, there are endless good templates out there.

But paper is not the only material you can work with. Whatever you like crafting with, wood, metal, cloth, wool, etc. Just go for it and have fun.

Or, if you don’t want to follow instructions, just get some random material and see what you can make out of it.

Halloween Bookbinding

If your hobby is bookbinding, why not bring some creepiness into it during the Halloween season? I really don’t know how I one day got the sudden inspiration to google “Halloween bookbinding,” but I did, and there are so many amazing things people do.

Mini albums with Halloween scrapbooking paper, themed bookmarks, creepy covers, and an ancient-looking witch’s spell book …

Let yourself be inspired, and/or come up with your own creations….

Watch This!
Halloween Movies or TV Show Episodes

Halloween lends itself both to movies and is the time when TV show makers can go wild and crazy with creepy or satiric season-themed episodes. This is mostly great fun. Watch out for your favorite shows. Maybe they have Halloween eps as well. Or maybe you’ve got some on DVD.

For me, it shouldn’t get too creepy because I’m a bit of a fraidy-cat, but watching some good Halloween episodes with my folks is always part of our Halloween ritual. This time I’ve even found us some monster-shaped chips and sweets to round up the Halloween dinner. Neat!

It’s the kind of season where it is great to snuggle up on the sofa with a hot cocoa, a warm and cozy blanket and some good TV shows anyway. 😉

Read or Tell Spooky Stories

Telling ghost stories around the fire has a long tradition. Create your own Midnight Society and tell or read haunted stories to each other. The room should be dim-lit and spookily decorated, obviously … 😉 Wait, what’s that shadow over there. Did it just move? 😉

Be Somebody (Or Something 😉 ) Else

Dressing up for Halloween can be great fun. It is not just the costume itself, but the whole procedure of choosing the right one, putting together or making it, is a big part of the fun.

I prefer costumes that are a) still comfortable, b) don’t hinder you from eating, c) are scary. To be frank, I’m not into princess costumes and the like. People dressed up on Halloween – originally – so as not to be recognized as mortals when the spirits were populating the earth for this one night. I’m quite sure spirits don’t wear pink tutus. 😉

But, as always, the good part is that everyone can celebrate festivities in any way they like.

In that spirit, happy Halloween to you all!

Some Halloween food tutorials are likely to follow. Stay tuned … 🙂

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