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Writing in other languages

Some time ago, I attended a fair on language learning and teaching. It was fun. There was, among many other interesting things, a panel discussion on growing up and living with more than one language. This made me think somewhat about my languages.

If you have followed my blog for some time, you might have noticed that while I write in English, I sometimes recommend German websites. I admit it: 😉 I’m a bilingual with two mother tongues: English and German.

In my case, like probably with most people, this was not a conscious decision. It just happened to be that way. But at the moment, I’m getting the feeling that it is en vogue among parents to want to raise their children bilingually, something to aspire to. Maybe a result of globalization.

For a long time, I have not given my bilingualism much thought. But recently, I’ve started to notice things. To be honest, being a bilingual is sometimes kind of weird and you run into problems non-bilinguals could not comprehend.

Sometimes I enjoy being bilingual. Sometimes I wonder whether my life would not be much easier if I had just one language and I think about whether it is at all a good idea to artificially try to raise children with more than one language.

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Travel Notebook Recap

It’s been a while since I created my version of a Refillable Travel Notebook. Gosh, I now realize it’s been over half a year!

About time for some recap of my experience with this notebook. It was an experiment. Some things worked out very well, some didn’t. Real-life usage sometimes confronts you with things that you’ve never thought of while theorizing…

Overall Experience

Overall, I LOVE! the thing. I just love that now I can use different signatures for different topics and have the notes on one field all neatly together. It is so much of an improvement.

I like handling it. For notes, I’ve always preferred the A5 format. This is ideal for carrying with you and still having enough space for your thoughts.

At first I was afraid that signatures might fall out, but with the elastic band there is absolutely no danger of that. Unless, of course, you drop it while it is opened. Knocking on wood! Hasn’t happened to me yet.

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