Hey Computer, just do it!

One sure sign your computer was probably not build by creative people? If it takes forever to boot. You switch on your PC with an idea in mind burning to be put into practice. Instead, minute by painful minute you sit there watching the computer doing updates and sloooooowly waking up from its centennial slumber.

OMG! A few minutes can sooo feel like a lifetime. Blood pressure rise is almost unavoidable.

When the computer is finally running, you’re not done. Oh no. Half the time at least two programs chime in immediately, telling you that they need to be updated. Then you have to click a DOZEN times until the update is finally completed.

Why doesn’t the computer just do it??!! Don’t ask me a zillion times. Why can’t you just update what needs to be updated. Quietly in the background? Without any fuss… While I can start working …

I’m a real big fan of technology, but in some cases I prefer to just pick up a paper and pen and start writing by hand. It’s faster and less nerve-wracking.

Since there are many more creative things you can do with computers other than write, we have no choice but to bite the bullet: Push the power button and either go do something else for the time being or grab a hot chocolate and a cookie and lean back. Good things come to those who wait …

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