WordPress just reminded me that I registered my blog exactly one year ago. Geez-Luise, that much time already? Seems like yesterday.

Reminds me just how time flies by. And makes me look back at my blogging experience so far…

I started this blog for many reasons. And I’m happy to find that I have not lost interest, still thinking about new post topics or new ideas for my drafts. I have much fun writing my posts and thus always put a lot of effort into them. I’m hoping that you have as much fun reading.


However, I have not been able to blog as much as I would have liked. My life beyond the keyboard has been plain crazy during this time. I guess it was the craziest time of my life, and still is. Some things that happened and are happening are good, although they brought life-altering changes with them. A number of them were quite bad, though, and severe setbacks for me.

Some of these things really got to me, robbed me of sleep for many nights and cost me a lot of energy and time that I would rather have liked to put into blogging and other hobbies.

But I have made the experience that life is what happens while we make other plans and no matter how much I would like to, there is nothing I can do about it. All I can do is not to give up my dreams and the things that I enjoy doing. One of which is blogging.

Some time ago, I read a really good blog post about how we should not make apologies for life beyond the blog all the time. We all have one, and we blog as much as it allows us to. Some months it will be more, some months we might not manage it at all.

I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, though. All blogs and all bloggers are different. I’m following bloggers who post almost daily as well as ones that blog only every few months. I enjoy all of them.


In retrospect, I find that my blog turned from

more general posts about creativity and creative techniques


How To… guides for creative projects.

My mind has been more on practical matters recently, but this does not mean that I will not continue both kinds of posts in the future.

Blog Theme

Before I started, I thought long and hard about a theme for my blog.

I’m quite satisfied with the overall theme “creativity” that I chose. It allows me to cover a broad variety of things I’m interested in and still have some kind of superior design.

It also stops me from using my blog as a place to complain about the bad things in life. I can tell myself: no, this might be on your mind, but it has nothing to do with creativity. Aside from blocking it by continuing to circle in my mind, that is. This focus on the creative makes me concentrate on the positive aspects of life, and to happily delve into all the things that I have fun doing—instead of getting lost in worries.


I was curious to look back at what I had actually written about, especially in comparison to what I planned to write about at the beginning.

The general posts on creativity were planned, although I had thought that I would have written more by the end of the first year. 😉

Halloween, blogging, and movies were not directly planned, but didn’t surprise me, whereas photo books and especially book binding were things I discovered after I started blogging.

I always enjoy new fun activities, even though they distract me away from the old ones. I would have expected to write much more about creative writing, since that has long been my most favorite pastime. I will always have a soft spot for it and am certainly going to write more about it in the future, but at the moment it seems I need to think about other things.

There are many, many other topics I was thinking to write about, and am planning to.

Likes and Followers

Thanks to all of you who have read and maybe even liked my posts and found my writing worthy enough to hit the follow button.

Compared to other blogs of its old age, 😉 I guess that I have relatively few likes and followers. I guess if I wanted more, I’d have to post much more regularly and write more comments on other blogs.

But I did not start this blog to gain a huge following. Of course, I’m very happy about any sign that people like what they are reading or any hints for what you might wish for in the future. Feedback is vital for me to constantly improve my writing.

One goal I had with this blog was to share the creative things I’m passionate about and maybe inspire some creativity in others, just as other blogs on this topic manage to inspire creativity in me.

As long as there are people out there reading and enjoying my writing, I’m happy.

Qué será, será

I myself am pretty excited what the future will bring. I have many ideas and plans. But the past year has taught me that what is finally going to come out can be completely different. And isn’t that the beauty of creative projects?

Usually, I’m a very methodical and organized person, and at the beginning I thought that this was also how I would go about my blog. However, I find it is much more fun and brings much more exciting and surprising results to see where the creative tide will carry me.

What counts is that the result is satisfying and that the process of creating it was fun. Not how much it meets the plan that prompted it.

I’m still experimenting with the format and with new creative activities I’m discovering. I like how I switch on my computer to write about one thing and then find myself passionately typing away about something completely different.

Just like today. I logged in wanting to continue an old draft, and then the one-year-anniversary message got my attention. That’s how it goes.

One thing I know: I love blogging, and I will continue doing it.