Making My Own Notebook pt. 3 – Decorating the Cover

Decorated CoverPreviously, I reported how I created my very first self-bound notebook. First the text block, then a fitting cover.

Having acquired all the necessary techniques and now ready to go beyond the instructions, I got out the glittering foam craft sheet and got started with the idea I had for the decoration.

Since Halloween was already nigh at the time, I chose two shapes that fitted the season: a cat and a bat.

Those decorations are sooo cute and quite easy to make:

Step #1:
Choose a Shape

Print out shapes you like or draw some yourself. The important thing is that they are realtively simple shapes that work without too many details. Make sure they are easy to cut out.

Printed shapes

Printed shapes

Step #2:
Make Paper Templates

Cut out the paper shapes.

Step #3:
Cut Out Foam Shapes

Now put the templates face-down on the non-glittering side of the foam sheet and hold in place while you cut around them. This works best with a craft knife. If with some parts the craft knife does not work, use scissors.

Put on foam sheet

Put on foam sheet and cut out

Step #4:
Make It Stick

Once the shapes are cut out …

… glue the non-glittering side on double-sided duct tape. Use a craft knife and/or scissors to cut around the shape once again to remove the excess tape. Make sure not to damage the foam in the process.

Step #5:
Glue Shapes on Cover

Remove the paper covering the other side of the tape and glue the shapes onto the cover where you want them to be. Press a little to make sure they stick properly.

Done! 😉 A real eycatcher …

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