Halloween is a perfect time to create spookily cute dishes that are almost too cute to be eaten. Here’s what I made for dinner this year…

Main Course

For the main course, I found this adorable recipe:

Stuffed Pizza Skulls

Since it is already so neatly described there, I will not go into details. Just check it out yourself.

The good part is that you can just stuff the pizza dough with anything you like. And they really are blood-curdling. 😉 My folks loved them …

Wilton Skull Mold
Wilton Skull Mold



Pumpkin Cakes

For dessert, I tried the silicone pumpkin mold I’d bought a while ago. I already tried this last year, but it did not work out at all. They totally broke apart and would not go out of the mold. It was a total disaster!

This year, I wanted to do everything different and was determined to find out what I’d done wrong the last time around.

Wilton Pumpkin Mold
Wilton Pumpkin Mold

Very important step: Butter the mold. Put it in the fridge for about half an hour. I know buttering this mold is tedious with all the cavities for the faces—which probably is the reason I did not do it properly last time. But it is absolutely vital so the cakes won’t stick too much.

Second important step: Find a dough that isn’t too moist.

Third: (And it says so on the packaging. Helps if you can read!) Let the cakes cool completely before taking them out of the mold. Last year, I had too much to prepare for a party buffet and we were already running late, so I overlooked this. But, hurrying a dish is never a good idea. It gets back at you!

This year, they turned out perfectly. Next time I’ll try decorating them a bit so the face will come out more. But, even as they were, I found the result highly satisfying.

Jack'o'Lantern Cakes
Jack’o’Lantern Cakes


Ghost on a Stick

The second thing I prepared for dessert was a real experiment because I was inventing the recipe as I went and it was the first time I tried my hand on a handmade fondant.

I’d seen cute cake pop ghosts on the internet and thought I’d make up my own variety. Since I did not have a cake pop mold, I needed something different. I browsed the sweets section of the local grocery store for an alternative that could be turned into a ball. I went for nougat.

They turned out super cute! Almost too cute to be eaten…

You’ll find the recipe and step-by-step instructions in a later post.

EDIT: Here’s the Ghost on a Stick recipe

Carved Peach Tartelettes

For our annual Halloween party buffet, I made these cute peach tartelettes.

To give credit where credit is due, I found this idea on a website with Halloween party food. Do check it out for more great ideas. There are very little instructions and no recipes, but the pictures speak for themselves.

I’ll also provide a step-by-step guide and the recipe I used for the cake base in a later post. Stay tuned …

Edit: Here they are: Carved Peach Tartelettes