PumpkinsThe leaves are starting to change, the nights are getting longer, and the weather colder. Which means it is fall. It also means Halloween is lurking around the corner once again. I love it! Not least because it is such a wonderfully creative festivity.

Here are my top 4 reasons why. Anyone else feel it should be a public holiday?! 😉

Reason #1: Costume Parties

Creepy Creatures Of The World, Unite!

It is always great fun to come up with a scary or funny costume. It is easy and tempting just to buy a ready-made one, and sometimes—I admit—I resort to buying one or two items that I find particularly cool. However, I just love browsing the net for inspiration or rummage my imagination to come up with this year’s disguise.

Every year I wish I just had more time for the costume. I might even sew something. Since I don’t, though, I have to see what I have or can borrow and make something out of that.

I also love to see what my friends have come up with. They are often much more inventive and more daring with costumes than I am.

Reason #2: Halloween Buffet

Take A Bite!

Halloween Cookie CuttersThis one’s my favorite. Along with the party always comes a Halloween buffet. The rules are simple: Everyone brings something that looks disgusting, scary, and/or halloweeny but still tastes good.

It is amazing what you can get for Halloween these days: season-themed sprinkles, molds, cookie cutters of all kinds etc. Even in the Halloween wasteland where I live. You just have to know where to look. Last year, I was particularly fond of the spider- and skull-shaped sprinkles I used on my cupcakes with the screaming turquoise topping. This year I couldn’t resist buying an ice-cube tray that makes ice shaped like vampire fangs.

Icy Fangs
Spidery Sprinkles

However, I also find it amazing how much you can create yourself with your usual kitchen supplies. With a little imagination, it often is not even necessary to buy expensive baking accessories.

Cupcake Mummy
Jack-'o'-Lantern Chocolate Cream

I find that there are two different tastes where Halloween food is concerned: Some like to go for things that look icky. Sometimes they get that good that I have serious qualms eating one particular dish. Amazing what you can get out of relatively simple recipes that are 100% eatable and still give you the creeps. All it takes is an idea and a good eye for arrangement. Lovely! 😉

I usually prefer to go for the second alternative: Halloween-themed but cute. There are so many lovely ways of decorating food for kids of all ages.

Halloween Cookies in the Oven
Halloween Cookies

Reason #3: Decoration

Setting The Scene

Spooky haunted houses, bats, jack-‘o’-lanterns, cobwebs and spiders, witches, ghosts, monsters … Admittedly, the elements are repetitive, but there are so many adorable ways of making something out of them.

It’s definitely a matter of taste which material and style you prefer, but making Halloween decoration is so much more fun than just buying everything. Especially if you are lucky enough to gather a few like-minded friends and can make a crafting party out of it. 😉

If you want to work with paper, there are endless motives you can draw and cut out. Luckily, there are aids for the drawing-impaired like me, such as templates. That’s probably the typical thing to do. However, the internet is full of great ideas how to make decoration using wood, cloth, wool … whatever you like.

And your imagination is probably much more active than you think. Why not get some materials and just start, see where it takes you …

Reason #4: Halloween Tales

Where I live, Halloween is not very big on TV. I already checked what would be on, and they are airing only one! Halloween movie that particular day. Good job there is DVD!

I usually prefer the harmless and more mysterious than gory stuff. I can’t stand horror movies. Gives me the creeps and sleepless nights. There are not so many actual Halloween movies that I can watch these days, therefore. I loved the kid’s versions when I was little, but I guess I’ve seen the good ones just too many times. Now I just put in a good vampire show like Moonlight or Forever Knight or a couple of Halloween episodes of my favorite TV shows. There are plenty. 😉

Or what about the alternative: Why not read a Halloween/spooky story? Short stories are probably best and, if you are not alone, why not read them out loud? Maybe someone is good with the scary voice thing.

Or, if you want to get really imaginative, invent stories yourselves.

Let The Spook Begin!

Some people consider Halloween childish. Others complain that it has become too commercialized. I don’t care. I just love the whole thing.

And if we look at Halloween’s origins, it does have some significance to it. It is both a kind of harvest festival and an homage to those who passed away. According to the legends, it is also the time of year when the physical and supernatural worlds are closest and magical things can happen. 😉

And, above all, it is such a good opportunity to be creative with costumes, adorable or amazingly gory food, and decoration. The beautiful thing about festivities is that we can celebrate them in any way we want. Halloween is what you want it to be. In that spirit: Let the spook begin!

And Happy Halloween to you all!