My posts are coming off a bit slowly at the moment. Here is why, and what more I learned from it about blogging:

Lesson #9:

Finish what you start before starting something else, or rather, too much else!

My posting came to a halt a bit lately because I started too many drafts and didn’t finish them off before starting new drafts. I had plenty of ideas and wanted to take notes before I forget. Only I never got around really finishing one that way.

It is important to write down notes, as I well know, but it should be done briefly. There is still time for working them out later. Lesson understood. I still have to get the hang on it, though: Focus on one topic and then take it one step at a time before starting another.

Lesson #10:

I found a fellow blogger’s tip very helpful to cut out sequences that you feel don’t quite fit and save them for later.

Sometimes I find myself going too far into a topic or including thoughts that would just overload the post. But if they are ideas that are dear to you, you are reluctant to just delete them, especially if you have been working on the section or paragraph for a while.

It really helps to cut it out and save it somewhere for later. This way, it is out of the way and improves the post—since often less really is more—and still you can refer back to it for a later post where it fits in.

I have found that it is useful to save them as a new draft or to create one draft that takes in notes for one category or topic. This way, I have them at hand at any time.

(Since her other tips are also great, I recommend checking out her article on how to make ideas matter on your blog. I for my part certainly need to take plenty of them to heart.)