There is nothing as refreshing as a beautiful free sunny day to boost creativity. I took the weekend off writing because the weather was finally nice, though not very warm yet. I did some exercising and made day trips with my better half; and I found that both are very helpful to creativity, even if they momentarily lure you away from your desk, i.e. your creative project. Here is why …

Rest and Recreation

Recreation is very important for creativity. I often hear from people that they need pressure to finish a project or that they work best under tight deadlines. I never believe them. Yes, you get a lot of things done if you stress yourself out. Yes, you are done quickly if you work under time pressure.

But is the result really the best you could have done? And did you really have fun doing it? I doubt it!

I admit, adding a little extrinsic motivation to your intrinsic motivation is helpful. If we don’t have a kind of deadline, we tend to procrastinate. I love writing my blog, but if there weren’t the thought that someone might be out there waiting for my next post, would I still post regularly? Or would I just write ideas into my writer’s notebook and wait for the day when I had lots of time to work them over again?

We don’t want to stall till eternity waiting for the best moment that might never come, or might go by unnoticed if we have wrong expectations. Still, if I have a really stressful day, I wouldn’t be writing either because the result would be put together in a hurry, half-baked, and full of typos.

Rise and Shine

Sunshine might well be counterproductive to a creative project if that project requires us to be inside. 😉 It tempts us to go out and enjoy the sunshine instead of “working” on our projects. And yet …

… if the creative project can be done outside (like painting, writing, or knitting, collecting ideas etc.) some fresh air, beautiful scenery, and bright sunshine might even be inspiring. Knitting, for example, is an activity that I really enjoy doing while sitting on a patio lounge chair or in a park.

… taking a walk or being outside can help to clear our minds from stress, frustration, and worries. This allows the creative ideas to find their way into our consciousness.

… being in the warm sunshine, having it tickle our skin makes us feel happy. And happiness and overall satisfaction are an important foundation for a creative life.

Sports, please!

Many people have to force themselves to exercise or do sports—I freely admit that I am one of them. I don’t really know why, because once I start, I enjoy it. It makes you feel energetic and alive. Might be because it releases feel-good hormones that make us happy. It really gives you a power boost, which is exactly what we need for creativity.


So, next time you have a free day and the sun comes out, go out and enjoy the view. If you have family, take them with you and have some quality time that will increase your overall well-being. 😉 Or, if you go alone, take something creative with you and try what you can accomplish with a change of scenery.