As my blogging adventure continues, here are some more things I found out:

Lesson #7:

I’m really thrilled and amazed that so many people actually visited my blog already. I’m glad you like what you’re reading! I’d like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who liked my posts and came back! 🙂

I also want to encourage you to tell me what you think about the topics. Even if you disagree, I’d like to hear your opinion. I chose the blog format rather than a static website because I want this to be interactive and have discussions. Replies might be a bit slow at times because I cannot be online all the time, but they’ll sure come.

My lesson number seven, therefore, is to be patient and continue to give my best. We all know that it takes a while until a blog is found by a larger number of people. Longer still until you get an active exchange of ideas. And even longer until people who do not blog themselves but were looking for the topic find and read the blog. Still, we sometimes are prone to get impatient. I’ll have to tell myself not to.


Lesson #8:

It’s not like I just found that out, but while writing my posts and reading those of others, I’m constantly reminded that we never stop learning. There are so many great tips and interesting opinions on blogging (and all sorts of other topics, for that matter) for us to explore. So, my conclusion: keep an open mind and an open eye for opportunities to improve and to learn something. And not to forget just having fun enjoying good writing.

I also find it very helpful to actually write down what I learn about blogging. Coherently (I hope ;-)) so that others can understand what I’m saying. It really gets you to think things through.


Lesson #9:

Maybe my posts are still more like articles, but I find it takes much more time to write a post than I thought it would.

Brainstorming ideas is one thing. That already takes longer than I thought if you want to have a coherent and clear outline in the end. But it also has to be edited grammar- and contentwise. I always find that when I work it over, it becomes so much better than it was before. Then you have to research details you can’t remember and look up the spelling of names or words.

But, in the end, I hope that I have texts that readers will find interesting and inspiring. Also, I’m learning a lot myself and writing is fun. So it is definitely worth the effort!

My advice, thus, if you have the ambition to post concise, interesting, well-researched, and well-thought-through articles, be sure to schedule a little more time than you originally think it will take—a lot more. Or learn to write shorter. 😉