A bad cold got the better of me this week and delayed the posting of my next article on the creative process.

What I learned from that? Well, some movie (the name of which I cannot remember) shows a saying written on a wall: Life’s what happens while you’re making other plans. So, here is one more tip for bloggers:

Lesson #6:

As a life-long hobby writer, I long ago started the habit of carrying a so-called “writer’s notebook” with me all the time in which I write down observations, drafts, ideas, and whatever else I want to remember. As a blogger, this comes in handy as well. When you have time and feel like it, you can draft ideas that you have while not sitting in front of a computer. Like on a train or something.

Later, you can then type up that draft and work it over. Working it over is still a bunch of work, but still much, much less than if you start with a blank page.

Before I started out, a fellow blogger advised me to prepare more articles in advance when I had time, save them as drafts, and post them later. This way, you have something to post when you really don’t have time or get sick. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m working on it.

Luckily, this way, I had done most of the hard work before the cold got to me and I now have something to post. All that was left to do was look up some names and that was it.

So, my advice as well is: Draft your thoughts in a writer’s notebook—this saves you work later and less is forgotten—and then, when you have time, write some articles in advance.

Hope you didn’t loose patience with me and are looking forward to my upcoming article.