Finally! My first post on creativity is on! 🙂 Here are three more lessons I learned in this rather lengthy process:

Lesson #3:

Research and plan at least your first post before you go online. Otherwise it will take too long until the first one is ready.

It’s not that I didn’t research the topic before I began this. I’ve been dealing with creativity and creative techniques for many years. But if it comes down to putting the introduction to a topic into few, digestible words, it starts getting tricky.

I had dozens of ideas for entries before starting this, which was the reason I started it to begin with. However, for blogging beginners like myself, I recommend some more planning of what your first entries are going to be and in what order they are best published. Don’t make a thesis out of it. Just some basic points.

A blog, too, is a creative project. So I strongly recommend to divert from this plan as often as it pleases your fancy. However, it is nice to have to go by if you get stuck.

And sooner or later, this might happen. For it is one thing having bright ideas while you research or do something interesting. But if you face the blank page and realize that people are soon going to be able to read what your are writing, you might panic and be at a loss at where to start. A plan can help there.

Lesson #4:

Keep it short and readable. No one wants to read run-on-sentences on a blog. Forget what scholars all over the world are doing and think about your readers.

Lesson #5:

Remind yourself that you have something unique and interesting to say. If you start reading about a topic, there will be a moment when you realize that so much has already been said about it and that many of those people said it so darn well—much better, you might think, than you ever could.

At those times, we have to remind ourselves that our passion for the topic, our own experiences with it, and our unique point of view are the best starting point to contribute to the topic. If we didn’t feel from the beginning that we had something to say on the matter, we wouldn’t have started a blog.

So, remind yourself of this initial desire to say what you have to say and find your own approach. And voilá, something new is born …

I hope you enjoyed my first posts. Stay tuned for more misadventures on this channel… 😉