What is creativity?

There is no universal definition of creativity. Experts agree, though, that it has something to do with generating new ideas.

This idea can be an invention, a new way to combine existing ideas, a solution to a problem, a piece of art, a business product, a novel way to look at something, or a new dish you cooked up.

Where experts disagree is how the creative process works exactly and how to measure it.

Who is creative?

The good news? You don’t have to be an artist or a genius inventor. Everybody can be creative. Only that we all have our own specialized domains where we have potential for innovative thought. This is because some previous knowledge is necessary.

Why deal with creativity?

The best part yet? Creativity is not only fun, it is also very healthy. Researchers have found that highly creative people are happier and more satisfied with their lives.

Being creative often sends us into a ‘flow state’ where we are completely immersed in an activity and neither challenged too much nor too little. This is the times when we are so caught up in a project that we forget everything else around us.

Flow both helps us to relax and often produces products that we are proud of afterwards. This makes us feel happy. Coming up with novel and useful ideas is highly satisfying and gives our lives a sense of purpose and makes us feel that we are good at something.

In the end, it is simply fun and very good for us to find some time for projects we enjoy and feel intrinsically motivated to pursue.

In Conclusion

Creativity rulez because it makes us happy and produces novel ideas that might turn out to be useful to us – and maybe even to others as well. Whether you managed to knit a beautiful scarf or revolutionized the world by resolving the last mysteries of the universe, just enjoy your success.

So, even if some regard it as childish and schools go out of their way to unteach creativity, dare to shamelessly immerse in whatever creative project your heart desires. Who knows what you might find out.

This blog was created to champion the cause of creativity. It is on the rise again already. Let’s boost it in ourselves and in others!